Modern solutions for e-commerce that unite service providers and website owners.

Products and solutions

OCTA (MTPL) online sales

This product is aimed at insurance brokers. It allows you to easily embed OCTA price comparison with fully automatic OCTA policy sales on your website.

KASKO offers

This product allows you to accept KASKO insurance inquiries on your website. It provides you with a web interface for managing KASKO offers and winning a prospective client.

Property insurance

This product allows you to receive property insurance inquiries on your website. It gives you the ability to manage prospective clients and their requests.

OCTA price comparison

LTAB offers their price comparison product free of charge. If you have a website, you can provide your visitors with the services similar to those of and


Interactive KASKO price calculator from Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams insurance company. It allows your clients to find out KASKO insurance prices directly from your website. And you get a finder's fee after the successful sale!

Online payments

Universal online payment module that allows you to accept payments via credit card or through online banking from Swedbank, SEB banka, Nordea, Citadele banka, and DNB banka.

You can find out more information about our products here. It should take only a couple of minutes and a line of code to embed our insurance products on your website.

Our features and advantages

Flexible deployment

Your products can be deployed on one or many websites (separate website for each product or a network of websites).

The products that are deployed on your partner websites enrich their users' experience and allows you to earn more. The partners can also earn sales commission when they sell your service (affiliation).

If you employ individual websites for your marketing campaigns or if you just rent advertising places on popular websites, you can easily place your interactive calculators there.

Integration with any website

Overlay — the product will be displayed in an overlay window over the existing website, relieving you from the necessity of customizing website design or optimizing its structure.

Inline — the product will be displayed as a visual part of your website.

1 minute to create the code for your website.

1 line of code to load the product on your website.

Internet sales

All buying steps take place on the website where the product is based.

After online payment completion the client automatically returns to the very same page where the transaction has been started.

Thorough analytics

- One or many products in a single report

- Total and unique (by IP addresses) loads

- Insurance premium calculation reports

- Selected insurance company reports

- Web form completion reports

- Sold policies reports

  • Easy integration with any website
  • Сomfortable tools for administration
  • Additional security instruments
  • Detailed visual statistics
  • Handy tools to deploy affiliation programs
  • Price comparison and automatic policy issuing
  • Unattended addition of new insurance companies
  • Modifications and updates for existing insurance companies
  • Calculator visual customization
  • Easy administration of OCTA orders, as well as KASKO & property insurance inquiries

Our work

There are many major Latvian companies and popular insurance selling websites among our clients.


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